Who am I and what do I do? 

I've always liked the figure of speech "Jack of all trades." It's used a lot these days as an insult for someone who hasn't mastered a single aspect of learning or profession, or become an expert at something, but I find it to be something suitable and fitting to myself so I'll stick with "Jack of all trades, master of none, oftentimes better than a master of none."

My life has taken me down typical routes such as working in retail, hospitality, and occasional office work, less common jobs such as courier and security, and sometimes eclectic and creatives paths such as actor, performer, entertainer and managing a 30,000 strong online community.

A consistent element throughout my life is a fascination and love for technology, predominantly things with an open source flavour. I regularly construct Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects, and 3D print as a hobby, providing my skill to those who require items for cosplay or items they wish printed like Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. 3D printing and the open source philosophy is something I believe is vital to any community of any size, providing resources and education to overlooked, marginalized and ignored people.

For the past several years I've found myself in the hospitality sector, working at a leading brand hotel chain in the UK. I found it rewarding and educational, being able to interact with a variety of people from all walks of life and providing them a comfortable stay. However having worked through the Lockdowns and been on the front line receiving customer abuse and violence, as well as corporate exploitations, I'm less inclined to work for big companies.

These days I'm working through personal issues by focusing on creating a positive change, no matter how small, by reclaiming waste resources and creating things of use and things of interest. I hope to have a small workshop where I can reuse what others consider waste, and develop my skills and perhaps even art.

More often than not there are a hundred ideas in my mind all vying for attention and a desire to implement them, yet I find myself bereft of the resources required to do so. I hope to overcome this obstacle, and create things, build projects, large and small, for the benefit of others.