Laser Cutter Fundraising Update

It’s been rather quiet on my end in regards to the laser cutter. Summer holidays are over, I’m preparing for another year at the Open University.
Progress towards the £1000 goal for the laser cutter has been slow, and almost went in reverse a few times due to bills and whatnot.

I’m changing gears on the project though, as it’s still my intention to acquire a laser cutter to create projects and art with, but no longer will I be acquiring one of the standard 50 watt Chinese cutters which would’ve required a lot of modding.

Recently, a friend of mine shared a link with me to Endurance Lasers, whom I remember from a few years back. They made a laser diode called L-Cheapo that just clipped onto almost any 3D printer to do engraving. Originally it was only 2 watts or so, so no good for cutting wood at the time.

They’ve been ramping up since then, and recently released an 8 Watt laser diode capable of cutting between 8 mm and 10 mm of plywood. And although we’re talking about a diode that just clips on, rather than an entire machine, at $595 it’s significantly cheaper since I wont require a big steel box as is the case with the Chinese CO2 lasers.
Hell I could grab some extruded aluminium and knock the rest of the machine together myself for less than £200.

There are several pros to this change of plan.

  • No longer need to worry about expensive import and shipping fees.
  • It’s modular, so if I got or built a 3D printer, I’m got a multi-function machine.
  • Even without 3D printing, I can customize the build area to my own needs, like below my desk (with suitable extraction fans)
  • Quieter. Much much quieter.
  • Cheaper to replace.
  • 48 hours continuous on-time (If Endurance are to be trusted, and I don’t see why not)

So yeah, if you still would like to support my efforts into laser cutting, please hit the Donate button. Due to some disappointing policies and actions against others, I’ll no longer be using GoFundMe. Instead, I’m just using good old fashioned paypal.


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